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The Revista del Instituto de Medicina Tropical is the official publication organ of the INSTITUTO DE MEDICINA TROPICAL, an institution under the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare and a postgraduate training center specializing in Pediatric Infectious Diseases of the National University of Asunción and Infectious Diseases Clinic of the Catholic University Our Lady of the Assumption Campus Asunción. The institution is the main referral center for infectious and tropical pathologies in Paraguay. It is published periodically twice yearly.

The abbreviation of its title is Rev. Inst. Med. Trop, which should be used in bibliographies, footnotes, legends and bibliographic references.

The content of the journal is focused on the publication of original articles related to the investigation of infectious problems, of reports of illustrative clinical cases due to the atypical presentation of a frequent disease or diseases caused by rare or emerging microorganisms, as well as articles of review and correspondence. The original articles of practical and cost-benefit interventions for the control and treatment of infectious diseases, epidemiological, clinical and laboratory evaluations of outbreaks of diseases, as well as the results of the introduction of new laboratory methods will have priority in the journal. in the infectious practice, mainly those easy to implement in hospital environments with limited resources.

The pages of the journal have as one of its objectives to constitute a forum in which the different groups working in the infectology of our country and abroad will be able to share their results, and will be exposed to criticism in the deepest sense of purpose. The exchange of experiences, and the reproducibility or not of the results, constitute the basis of the evidence in medicine.

The journal is open to all health professionals, doctors and non-doctors, who work in the field of clinical infectology as in laboratory or epidemiological research of infectious diseases, both in our country and abroad. We hope that the addressees, general practitioners, infectious disease specialist, microbiologists, biochemists, epidemiologists and all those interested in infectology will find in the journal a useful tool for professional practice.

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The publication of the journal is funded by: Institute of Tropical Medicine.

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