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Anales de la Facultad de Ciencias Médicas (Asunción)
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RIVAROLA ESPINOZA, JM. Knowledge and attitudes of health professionals on induced abortion in Paraguay. An. Fac. Cienc. Méd. (Asunción), June 2010, vol.43, no.1, p.35-46. ISSN 1816-8949.

In many countries of the World there are laws which have been approved living great freedom for the practice of abortion, however, these legislations not always have reflected neither the citizens nor the healthcare professionals point of view. 461 health care professionals were interviewed in 2006 those were working in Asuncion, some cities of the central department and others from the interior of the country. 92% of the respondents acknowledge that human life begins with conception. In this investigation we noticed a great deal of ignorance about legislations because 45% believe that the existence law penalize all cases. 80% thinks that therapeutic abortion must not be practiced and should be deal by specialized and more complex centers. Regarding eugenic abortion, 79% of the respondents affirm that should not be performed being the main reason the right to life and many argue religious position in second place; Life is God’s gift. 77% responded negatively to consider abortion in case of pregnancy as a consequence of violation and, the rejection to its practice become even more stronger when pregnancy is consider because socioeconomic problems or family planning. Although this was not a national survey we can conclude that human life is seen and valued from the very conception in this healthcare professionals sample of Paraguay.

Keywords: Induced abortion; knowledge; attitude; therapeutic abortion; rape; religion.

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