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Anales de la Facultad de Ciencias Médicas (Asunción)
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FONTCLARA, L, BIANCO, H, FIGUEREDO, B et al. Outcome Intensive Care Unit of Patients Discharged with Nosocomial Infections. An. Fac. Cienc. Méd. (Asunción), June 2010, vol.43, no.1, p.27-34. ISSN 1816-8949.

Introduction: 5 to 30% of infected patients in intensive care develop complications, pass away in the common hospital rooms or are readmitted. Objectives: To determine mortality, complications, risk of mortality in this group of patients at discharge from intensive care. Materials and methods: Descriptive and case-control study, between July 1999 - December 2004. Including patients with nosocomial infections, transferred to common hospital rooms. Analysis of cases and controls for risk factors of mortality. Results in percentages and means with OR, DE, p < 0.05 significant. Results: Evaluated 71 patients, presenting 110 infections. Complications in common hospital rooms (41) in 37 patients (52.1%), 43.9% occurring before day 5th. Infectious complications 24 (58.5%): pneumonies 29%, urinary tract infections 29%. Non-infectious complications 17 (42%): respiratory 32.3%, cardiovascular 23.5%. 10 patients were readmitted (14.1%). Of 61 patients not readmitted, 8 (13.1%) passed away, 37.5%. before the 4th day. The most frequent cause of death (n = 8) were infections (75%). Risk factor of mortality: ≥ 65 years, OR 8.12 (1.28 to 65.21), p = 0.009. Conclusions: Complications in patients with intensive care nosocomial infections transferred to common hospital rooms, are frequent, precocious and predominantly infectious. Low mortality and readmissions. Advanced age is a risk factor related to mortality.

Keywords: Nosocomial infections; Intensive care; Outcome.

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