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Scope and policy

The Revista Internacional de Investigación en Ciencias de Sociales is a peer review publication of academic, scientific and technical nature. It is published periodically twice yearly (July and December), with the objective of promoting the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge generation in the fields of Education, Business, Law, Communication and Sociology. For plagiarism detection, he uses the plagius program.

The Journal is focused on the national and international scientific-academic communities that produce studies related to the thematic area of the journal. It is open to the outcome of original articles from research projects and other significant original investigations in the specific area of the journal. Contributions must be original, not previously edited and not under simultaneous postulation in other journals.

The articles received will be evaluated by a Scientific Committee composed of national and international external academic peers. The refereeing process will be carried out in the double-blinded mode, warranting confidentiality and anonymity of authors and referees. Referees or reviewers are selected according to their expertise in the themes involved in each article. The evaluation criteria are: original content, conceptual rigor, methodology aspects, clarity and consistency, quality of sources and references, knowledge contribution, good presentation of abstracts, title relevance and conclusions.

The function of the peers consists of evaluating the articles presented and pronouncing one of four options: 1) Accepted; 2) Accepted with modifications; 3) Returned for correction; 4) Refused. In those cases in which there is a wide discrepancy in the evaluations, the Director of the Journal will resort to the review by a third external referee. Even though the reviewers judge fellow peer articles, the final decision rests in the hands of the Director of the publication.

Phases of article refereeing

    • Reception of articles. Once an article is received, the Editor will confirm reception and perform the first editorial evaluation to check: the theme field according to the Editorial criteria of the Journal and to ensure the fulfillment of presentation requirements found in the rules of publication.  The reception of the article does not mean acceptance.
    • Review system and article selection. Upon verification of the fulfillment of the formal aspects and coherence with the editorial line of work of the Journal, the article will be sent confidentially and anonymously (double-blinded) for evaluation to the peers, who will emit a report concerning the convenience of publishing or not. Report which will be the basis, used by the Editorial Committee, for the selection process. The articles reviewed, that need modifications before publication, will be corrected by the authors and sent back to the Journal within a maximum of 30 days.
    • Publication process. Once the evaluation process has ended, a notification of acceptance or refusal of publication will be sent to the main author of the article.


Form and preparation of manuscripts

Journal Sections

  • Editorial
  • Original Articles
  • Analysis /Thoughtful Comments
  • Review
  • Book Reviews
  • Letters to the Editor

Submission of articles

  • Title (it can contain an explicative subtitle), must be with the translation to English. In case it is a research report, all data pertaining to the research project to which the article belongs, must be mentioned: identity of the project, year and financial source.
  • Author or authors: complete name and surnames of each author, with the highest academic degree and email of each.
  • Complete institutional or academic affiliation: complete name of centre, department and/or institution to which the authors belong and the country. 
  • Abstract with a maximum of 200 words in two languages: Spanish/English, Portuguese/English. Keywords (3 to 5) in two languages: Spanish/English, Portuguese/English. The selection of the keywords must be done with the UNESCO Thesaurus.
  • Article development: original articles must use the Introduction, Methodology, Research, Discussion (IMRD) structure, none of the articles must exceed 15 pages, they can include diagrams, graphs or photographs (minimum width 11.5 cm and a resolution of 300 ppp) in a graphic format of global use (jpg, tif, gif,…). Bibliographic references must be after the main text, in the American Psychological Association Style (APA) style.

Format of articles submitted

  • Text must have a 1.5 inter-line space, 1.5 space between paragraphs, 3 cm superior margin, 2 cm inferior margin, 3 cm left margin and 2 cm right margin.
  • Font format and size: Times New Roman 12.
  • All illustrations, figures and tables will be inside the text in the corresponding place and not at the end of the article, they must be properly cited and with the corresponding labels.
  • Footnotes and citation sources with bibliographic references will be double spaced, and bibliography will be at the end of the text, in the American Psychological Association Style (APA) style.
  • Articles must be written according to grammar and syntaxes rules.
  • The Editorial Committee reserves the right to make editorial changes it may consider necessary.

Reception of articles
Deadline for the reception of articles is the 30th of January, for the first semester journal, and the 30th of July for the second semester journal.


Sending of manuscripts

Forwarding address of the article:
Universidad Autónoma de Asunción.
Dirección de Investigación.
Coordinación de Información y Divulgación Científica.
Jejuí 667, e/ O’leary y 15 de Agosto.
Asunción, Paraguay.

Tel. (595 21) 495873.

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