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Scope and policy

Journal of del Nacional is the official publication of the Hospital Nacional de Itagua, depending of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare. The Publication diffuses articles generated by professionals in health, clinical, experimental and public health research; It is published sixth monthly with an annual volume. The Journal of del Nacional reserves all rights of published articles.The works and opinions published in the journal are the exclusive responsibility of the authors. The authors give the Journal the ownership of their copyrights, so that the articles are published and disseminated in any form or medium, under license Creative Commons Attribution License.
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From and preparation of manuscripts

1. Submit three copies of the article, sheet size A4, font Times New Roman, size 12, Version Microsoft Word ©, single spacing and a copy in electronic format. The papers that meet these requirements will be received at the Secretariat of the Research Committee.

2. Copies shall be accompanied by a letter to the Editor, featuring the paper submitted, stating that it is an original work, not published in any other medium, not simultaneously submitted to another publication for consideration and that all authors are in full knowledge of its intellectual contribution in the preparation of the paper submitted.

The Journal of del Nacional adopt uniform standards for the submission of manuscripts for publication in medical journals enunciated by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, which were last updated in May 2009, available at



Prepared by the Editor or a member of the Editorial Board or an invited specialist, usually concerning selected articles in each issue.


They include items which have not been published in journals, books, etc., on human health. The original articles must inevitably contain the following structure: Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References.

The manuscript should contain between 2000 and 3000 words excluding tables and references.


Description of cases, which due to its particularities were never disclosed, because of innovative diagnostic and treatment methods, which call attention. Redescribed clinical cases from one to three patients or an entire family. The text should be composed by a brief introduction where the reader will be informed about the importance of the theme and objectives of the case or a case summary. The number of words must be less than 2000, excluding tables and citations, with maximum number of 15 references.


Review articles on current topics in the field of Public Health, is the product of a thorough analysis of the existing literature on a topic of clinical relevance which are analyzed, systematized and integrated research results published. References focus analyzed in the last five years and at the end, the author must realize the interpretation of the results obtained in the revision and to leave open the discussion of issues requiring further research.


Consider the scientific and review recently published in the Journal or about current published observations. This section will admit a table or graphic and five references.


Classic images of common or rare medical conditions, part of medical practice. Images should help the visual learnings and will be accompanied by a brief explanatory text.


It includes information of interest to the authors, regulations, rules, etc.


Pair reviews

The articles to be considered must filled with international ethical standards and be framed circumscribed in conditions affecting the population.

All articles submitted to the Journal of Del Nacional will be subjected to review by pair reviews, two or three, as appropriate.


The approval of the submitted article will be based on their relevance, originality and scientific validity. The opinions expressed on the article will be communicate only to the authors, within six weeks of reception.

The 1st Revision: Will be done by Editorial team of the Journal of Del Nacional. In this first stage the relevance deepness of the article its coincidence with the editorial line of the magazine and compliance with the general criteria for evaluating biomedical publication.

The 2nd Revision: y a minimum of two (2) pair professional; conflicting opinions may exist, and a third opinion will be requested.

The opinion may be:

1. Approved

2. Approved with amendments

3. Not approved (Suggestions and restarting the process)

Ethical aspects

Will be included those articles which apply ethical standards of the Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences (CIOMS) and the provisions of the Declaration of Helsinki of 1975, revised in 2000 (available in


Papers submitted to the Journal of del Nacional must be accompanied by a note addressed to the Editor stating: as an original article, not previously published elsewhere, not simultaneously submitted to another publication, stating that all authors have contributed intellectually in its development and they are fully aware of the content of the final version of the submitted manuscript. Also, in case the article is published to grant the transfer of all rights of the publisher to the editor, without these permission may none reproduce any of the articles included in Journal of Del Nacional.

Journal of Del Nacional assumes exclusive rights to edit, publish, reproduce, distribute copies, prepare another articles related in paper, electronic or multimedia, and include the article in international indexes and or databases.

Criteria defining authorship

Authorship criteria of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, in order to define criteria for authorship and include only persons who have contributed directly to the development of the intellectual content of the article are made.

Criteria of public responsibility of articles

1. To have conceived and planned the activities for the development of the article and to interprete the results yielded.

2. To have written the article or reviewed successive versions.

3. To have approved the final version of the article.

Persons who have provided contributions to the development of the article can not be considered as authors; they can be mentioned in the section Acknowledgments, clearly describing what was its contribution.


The Journal of del Nacional request the referral of three printed copies or the full article, high resolution, plus a copy in compact disc with proper identification, specifying file names and programs used.


To send printed articles: National Hospital of Itaguá. Research Committee. Library service. 2nd floor (access to the DG). Avenida Marcial Samaniego. Itauguá-Paraguay

All articles must be accompanied by a letter to the Editor indicating where the section article should be published statement of the authors of being in full knowledge of the content of the article clarifying the existence or not of conflict of interest, ethical, etc.


First page - login page

You must include the title of the article in a concise and clear form, in Spanish and English. Full name of the authors and the name of the institution where the article was performed. If there are funding sources of the study, those responsible must make them aware to the Editor.

Second page

The abstract should be structured and divided into five sections: Introduction, Objectives, Materials and Methods, Results and Conclusions. Reading the summary of the article it should enable the understanding of the same without access to the full text. The English version should preserve the structure of the Spanish version. Example: Abstract: Introduction, Objective, Materials and Methods, Results, Conclusions. To determine the keys or descriptor words (Key words in English) the following addresses are available: (contains descriptors in Spanish, Portuguese and English) (includes only English terms)

Article Body

Structure: Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References. References should be cited numerically by order of appearance in the article with superscript effect, separated by commas Ex .: (8,14,15,19,21) or script (in case of very long references Ex .: (1-20)

language:Articles must be written in Spanish language with thigh orthographic rules, using plain language without ambiguities.


Attach to the article written permission of the people who will be mentioned in this section. There may be granted recognition by: a) Contributions requiring thanks but no authorship; b) Recognition of technical help; c) Appreciation for the support detailing the nature thereof; d) financial links that could lead to conflict of interest. It should be located at the end of the text, before the bibliography.


They must contain only the texts cited in the article and be numbered consecutively, strictly following the order of appearance in the text.

References should comply with the format and principles of standardization and editorial quality in accordance with Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to Biomedical Journals of the International Committee of Biomedical Journal Editors (Vancouver Rules) available at

Items to consider in standardized by types of documents most cited references:

1. Journal Article

  • Personal Author

Name. Initial name. Article title. Title of the journal. Year of publication. Volume of the journal. (Journal number): initial page-final of the article page of the article.

Obs .: mention all authors if six or less. If the number of authors exceeds six, you must include the Latin expression et al.

  • Corporate Author or institution as Author

Name of the author team. Article title. Journal title. Year of publication; Volume of the journal (journal number): initial page-final of the article page of the article.

  • Author with no mention

Title of article. Title of the journal. Year of publication (journal): initial page-final page of the article.

Chapter of the book

Name. Initial name of the author of the book. Book title. Edition. City of publication: publisher. Publication: initial-last page of the chapter

3. Book

Name. Initial name of the author of the book. Book title. Edition. City of publication: publisher. Year of publication: page.

4. Doctoral Thesis

Name. Initial name of the author of the book. Title of the thesis. Chosen title. City of publication: University publisher; Year or Publication. Page.

Note: You can access to examples for citing all kinds of resources in information matters:


They must be numbered in order of appearance in the text. To write in a double-spaced on a separate sheet, identified with Arabic number and title at the top. Explanatory notes and explanation of abbreviations should be placed at the bottom. They should not contain redundant data.


Figures are considered: 1. Drawings, 2. Design, 3. Maps 4. Photographs, 5. Graphics. They should not repeat data presented in the text or tables. Write in a double-spaced, identified with Arabic numbers, in the order of appearance in the text.

Legends and explanation of the abbreviations are inserted at the bottom. They should contain sufficient information for interpretation without referring to the text.



Sending of manuscripts

All articles for the Journal of del Nacional should be directed to the Secretariat of the Research Committee of Del Nacional Hospital, Avda. Gral. Marcial Samaniego. 2nd level (the Directorate General Access. Itauguá, Paraguay) and / or the digital version

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