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The "Compendio de Ciencias Veterinarias" journal is a half-yearly publication, issued by the Departamento de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica from the Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias - Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay. Published in printed and electronic format with free distribution.

Veterinary science areas: Veterinary Basic Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Animal Health, Epidemiology and Veterinary Public Health, Nutrition, Animal Production and Reproduction, Fisheries and Aquaculture Biology, Administration, Economics and Trade, Legislation and Deontology Veterinary, Animal Welfare, Ecology, Environment and Biotechnology. Aimed at researchers, teachers and students from national and international related to veterinary science institutions.


Form and preparation of written

The "Compendio de Ciencias Veterinarias" adopts uniform standards for the submission of manuscripts for the publication of biomedical journals enunciated by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors, available at:

The objective of the Magazine is spread scientific and technological research in Veterinary Sciences, and related information, obtained with respect to Animal Welfare

Journal´s publication consists on Research (Original Articles); Review articles; Brief Communications; Institutional information and / or Letters to the Editor. National and international researchers related to veterinary science institutions may publish in the Journal.


Written work must be submitted for publication to the editorial writing in Spanish or English languages.

Articles must be sent in duplicate on A4 sheet (210 x 297 mm), numbered consecutively and double spaced, single-sided, with a margin size of 4 cm on the left and not less than 2 cm on the right. Also with a copy in electronic file (MSWord®) on CD or mail to; one of the copies shall not contain the names of the authors or their scientific affiliation. Authors should retain a copy of all materials including photographs sent as no liability will be accepted for damage or loss of jobs. The material sent must be ready to print, and the pictures or graphics must be in .jpg format. Graphs, diagrams, photographs, Excel tables or similar will not be accepted included in the Word® file.

The units of measure should be expressed in the International Units System.

Acceptance of articles

The acceptance process of articles refers to the prior evaluation of pairs in two processes:

First revision: Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Committee is in charge of it. In this first stage, pertinence and depth of the work and its consonance with the editorial line of the Journal andĀ  the compliance with the general publication criteria are evaluated.

Second revision: performed by minimum of two specialists (national and international). If there are contradictory opinions, a third opinion is requested.

The material sent will be reviewed for publication by the Editorial Board and the External Reviewers.

The editorial writing work shall inform the author corrections and/or recommendations suggested by the reviewer/s and determine the acceptance, rejection or conditioning to the suggested modifications. Sending a paper for publication must be made with the consent of at least one of the lead authors. The articles publication in the Journal does not give right to any compensation. Articles may be received by the editorial writing at any time, obeying the rules explained in this Regulation.  Editors are not obliged to publish all articles received; them will be registered in a database for later publication. Editor Publisher can justifiably refuse an article publication if it does not fulfill publication requirements, violates professional ethics, or if a possible conflict of interest is detected.

The magazine uses PLAGIUMĀ® for plagiarism detection

Editorial Board of the Journal is not responsible for opinions and criteria sustained by the authors. Nor isn´t responsible or endorse advertising included in the Journal.


1. Research papers/Original Articles:
The research papers will be considered original articles, which must be unpublished and must not exceed 20 pages, including 25 citations, and will be organized as follows:

  1. Title: must be brief, accurate and reflect work’s content. Immediately afterwards indicate the last name (s) and name of the author/authors, authors separated by a comma. Immediately afterwards the name of the institution, teaching chair or laboratory to which they belong, as well as the electronic address of the corresponding author shall be indicated. When more than one author belongs to different institutions, teaching chair or laboratories, it will be identified with a superscript Arabic number after the name.
  2. Summary: It is written in Spanish and English (Abstract) also including in this case the title in English. The summary shall summarize the main work’s objectives, methodology used, most striking findings and conclusions have been obtained. It shall not exceed 200 words in both Spanish and English.
  3. Keywords: at the end of the summary and "abstract" in separate line, will set out key words, five at the most, placing them under the title key words or "Key Words" as appropriate.
  4. Introduction: Background on the topic listed, citing the relevant literature (with Arabic numerals in parentheses) and clearly specifying the objectives and foundation work.
  5. Materials and methods: any new technique should be detailed to facilitate understanding. Avoid itemize on proven methods, listing materials used in work. Statistical method employed shall be specified when experimental design requires statistical evaluation.
  6. Results and Discussion: should be presented clear, in order and brief. Tables are presented with full titles located on the top margin and numbered with Arabic numerals. Graphics and pictures (figures) will be presented with explanatory titles located at the foot of them consecutively numbered with Arabic numerals. Discussion will include results evaluation and comparison form those of other authors, indicating the relevant references.
  7. Conclusion: should be based on results found, avoiding any vague or conditional concept.
  8. Acknowledgements: collaboration, technical assistance, financial support, etc. It shall be specified in acknowledgments. Such persons must give their permission to be named.
  9. Bibliography: it must be ordered as shown in the text and numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals (minimum ten), must contain all the quotes mentioned in the text, taking into account the following format:


  1. Articles of scientific journals

(1) Standard Article
Author / s *. Article title. International abbreviation **   of the journal. year; volume (number ***): initial-final page of the article.
Medrano MJ, Cerrato E, Boix R, Delgado-Rodriguez M. Cardiovascular risk factors in the Spanish population: meta-analysis of cross-sectional studies. Med Clin (Barc). 2005; 124 (16): 606-12.
* If the authors are more than six, the first six followed by the abbreviation et al mentioned. (Note: the National Library of Medicine in the Medline database includes all authors).

** The international abbreviations can be found in "Journals database" of PubMed.

*** The number and month is optional if the journal has a continuous paging throughout the volume.

(2) Organization as author or equipment
Working Group of SEPAR. Regulations on the management of life-threatening hemoptysis. Arch Bronconeumol 1997; 33: 31-40.

(3) Co-authorship between authors and a team
Jimenez Hernandez MD, Torrecillas Narvaez MD, Friera Acebal G. Andaluz Group for the Study of Gabapentin and migraine prophylaxis. Efficacy and safety of gabapentin in the preventive treatment of migraine. Rev Neurol. 2002; 35: 603.

(4) Not indicated author
Heart 21st century solution May have a sting in the tail. BMJ. 2002; 325 (7357): 184

(5) Volume with supplement
Plaza Moral V, Alvarez Gutierrez FJ, Casan Clara P, Cobos Barroso N, López Viña A, Llauger Rossello MA et al. Executive committee of the GEMA. Spanish Guidelines for Asthma Management (GEMA). Arch Bronconeumol. 2003; 39 Suppl 5: 1-42.

(6) Issue with supplement
Glauser TA. Integrating clinical trial data into clinical practice. Neurology. 2002; 58 (12 Suppl 7): S6-12.

(7) Article published electronically ahead of the print version.
Sait KH, Ashour A, M. Rajabi Pregnancy outcome in non-gynecologic cancer. Arch Gynecol Obstet. June 2, 2004 [Epub ahead of print].

Sait KH, Ashour A, Rajabi M. Pregnancy outcome in non-gynecologic cancer. Arch Gynecol Obstet. 2005 Apr; 271 (4): 346-9. Epub 2004 Jun 2.

Note: Appointments Epub ahead of print, are references sent to PubMed by the editors of journals published in the first instance on-line, ahead of the print edition. Later, when published in print, the reference data of the print edition, followed by the electronics modify Epub appearing. Example of a reference in PubMed published in electronic edition is published and subsequently when printed.

(B) Books and other monographs.

(8) Individual Authors
Author / s. Book title. Edition. Place of publication: Editorial; year.
Jiménez Murillo L, Perez Montero FJ. Compendium of Emergency Medicine: therapeutic guide. 2da ed. Madrid: Elsevier; 2005.

Note: The first edition is not necessary to include. The issue always gets in Arabic numbers and abbreviation: 2da ed. If the work was composed of more than one volume, then we quote the title of the book Vol. 3.

(9) Director (s) or compiler (s) as authors
Boquet Espinás J. coordinator. Guide to action in primary care. 2da. ed. Barcelona: Spanish Society of Medicine; 2002.
Teresa E, editor. Cardiology in Primary Care. Madrid: Medical Library Hall; 2003.

Note: In the original edition contained "Editor" English term that refers to the Literary Editor. In Spanish this term should be translated as Director (from a magazine) or Director or Coordinator Compiler (of a book).

In Spanish is often used incorrectly (anglicized) the English term "Editor" as a synonym for director or coordinator. If that term appears, we will keep it.

(10) Author (s) and publisher (s)
Breedlove GK, Schorfheide AM. Adolescent pregnancy. 2nd ed. Wieczorek RR, editor. White Plains (NY): March of Dimes Education Services; 2001.

(11) Organization (s) as author
Royal Adelaide Hospital; University of Adelaide, Department of Clinical Nursing. Compendium of nursing research and practice development, 1999 - 2000 Adelaide (Australia): Adelaide University; 2001.

(12) Book chapter
Author / s of the chapter. Chapter title. In ⃰: Director / Coordinator / Editor of the book. Book title. Edition. Place of publication: Editorial; year. first-last chapter. Page
Mehta SJ. Abdominal pain. In: Friedman HH coordinator. Medical Diagnostic Manual. 5ta. ed. Barcelona: Masson; 2004. p. 183-90.
Note: English: in.

(13) Act of Congress
Second National Congress of the Spanish Association for Vaccinology. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria; November 13-15, 2003. Madrid: Spanish Vaccinology Association; 2003.

(14) Article Conference
Christensen S, Oppacher F. An analysis of Koza's computational effort statistic for genetic programming. In: JA Foster, Lutton E, Miller J, Ryan C. Tettamanzi AG, editors. Genetic programming. EuroGP 2002: Proceedings of the 5th European Conference on Genetic Programming; 3 to 5 April 2002; Kinsdale, Ireland. Berlin: Springer; 2002. p. 182-91.

(15) Dissertation
Borkowski MM. Infant sleep and feeding: a telephone survey of Hispanic Americans [dissertation]. Mount Pleasant (MI): Central Michigan University; 2002.

(16) Patent
Pagedas AC, inventor; Ancel Surgical R & D Inc., assignee. Flexible endoscopic grasping device and positioning and cutting tool assembly. United States patent US 20020103498. 2002 Aug 1.

(C) Other published material

(17) Journal article
Author of the article. * Article title. Name of the newspaper**. Day month Year; Section***:
Page (column) ****.
* Author of the article (if figure).
** The names of newspapers are not provided abbreviated.
*** If there is identified as such.
**** If identified.

Carrasco D. Supported within five years to destroy part of the HC. Medical Journal. Friday July 23, 2004; Regulations: 8.

Espiño I. Are you going better patient participating in a clinical trial?. The World Saturday 2004 January 31. Health: S6 (Oncology).

(D) Unpublished material
(18) In printing press
Note: NLM prefers "forthcoming" because not all issues will be published.
Leshner AI. Molecular Mechanisms of cocaine addiction. N Engl J Med. In press 1997.

(E) Electronic Material
(19) CD - ROM
Author / s. Title [CD - ROM]. Edition. Location: Editorial; year.
Best CH. Physiological basis of medical practice [CD - ROM]. 13ra. ed. Madrid: Editorial Medica Panamericana; 2003.

Note: This example is applicable to other media: DVD, Floppy Disk ... You may add the document type [monograph on CD - ROM], [Magazine on CD - ROM].

(20) Journal article on the Internet
Author / s of the article. Article title. Name of the journal [online journal] * year [date of consultation] **; volume (number): [Extension / pages ***]. Electronic address.

Francés I, Barandiarán M, Marcellán T, Moreno L. Psicocognoscitiva stimulation in dementias. An Sist Sanit Navar [online journal] * September-December 2003. [Access October 19, 2005];
26 (3). Available in:
* Can be replaced by: [Online Magazine], [Internet], [Online Magazine]
** [access ....], [accessed ...], [cited ...]
*** If you would record.

(21) Monograph on the Internet
Author / s or Director / Coordinator / Editor. Title [monograph on the Internet] *. Edition. Place of publication: Publisher; year [date of consultation]. Electronic address.
Moraga Llop FA. Diagnostic and therapeutic protocols in Pediatric Dermatology. [monograph on the Internet] *. Madrid: Spanish Association of Pediatrics; 2003 [access December 19, 2005]. Available in:

(22) Home Office website or start a website
Note: A home page is defined as the first page of a Web site.
Author / s. Title [Web site] *. Place of publication: Publisher; Publication Date [update; access date]. Electronic address., Primary Care Network [Web site]. La Coruna: Fisterra. com; 1990 [updated on January 3, 2006; access January 12, 2006]. Available in:
* Can be replaced with: [Home on the Internet], [Internet] [homepage on the Internet], [Homepage] [Home Web].

(23) Part of a page from a Web site or headquarters
Title of the [Web site] *. Place of publication: Publisher; Publication Date [update / review; access date]. Title of the [number of pages or screens]. Electronic address.
Internal Medicine of Galicia [Web site] *. Lugo: Galician Society of Internal Medicine; 2005 [access December 19, 2005]. M Pablo Casas, Pena River JL. Guidelines for prevention of infectious complications associated with intravenous catheters. Available in:
American Medical Association [Web site] *. Chicago: The Association; c1995-2002 [updated December 5, 2005; access December 19, 2005]. AMA Office of Liaison Group Practice; [about 2 screens]. Available in:

(24) Database on the Internet
Institution / Author. Title [database on the Internet] *. Place of publication: Publisher; Creation date [update; date of consultation]. Electronic address.
* Can be replaced with: [database online], [Internet], [System Recovery Internet].
Open database (active):
Care [database on the Internet]. Granada: Foundation Index [updated in April 2004; access December 19, 2005]. Available in:
PubMed [database on the Internet]. Bethesda: National Library of Medicine; 1966 [access date December 19, 2005] .Disponible in:

Database canceled:
Jablonski S. Online congential Multiple Anomaly / Mental Retardation (MCA / MR) Syndromes [database on the Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Library of Medicine (US). c1999 [updated on November 20, 2001; access December 19, 2005]. Available in: title.html

(25) Part of a database on the Internet
MeSH Browser [database on the Internet]. Bethesda (MD): National Library of Medicine (US); 2002 - [Access December 19, 2005]. Meta - analysis; unique ID D015201 [approximately 3 screens]. Available in: Files updated weekly.

The Cochrane Database, Issue 3, 2004. [database on the Internet]. Oxford: Update Software Ltd; 1998 - [Accessed August 17, 2005]. Cranney A, Welch V, Adachi JD, Guyatt G, Krolicki N, Griffith L, Shea B, Tugwell P, Wells G. Etidronate for treating and preventative postmenopausal osteoporosis (Cochrane Review) [about 2 screens]. Available in:

In case you have questions about how to cite bibliography can enter this address: (International Committee of biomedical journal editors).

2. Review articles
They will focus on relevant issues and includes appropriate literature review. These items will be understood by the following sections: title, English title, abstract, "abstract", text, acknowledgments and bibliography. The extension of this work shall not exceed twenty pages and thirty-five references.
The author must not only perform an exhaustive bibliography, but must make a critical discussion on the subject considered further highlighting the current and future significance points on which there are differences of opinion.

3. Brief communications
This section is for communication of preliminary research findings and description of new techniques (laboratory, surgical, production), exotic or rare clinical findings, case reports, etc. Authors should follow the general guideline specified in Item 1. They shall not exceed four pages including at least 10 references.

4. Institutional information
This section will be used to disseminate all activities or information from the Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias - Universidad Nacional de Asunción that have a direct relation to the objectives set for this publication.

5. Letters to the Editor
This section includes brief updates and comments on previously published articles. The letters (up to 1000 words of text) must be in letter format and will not be divided into sections. The letters begin with a brief introduction regarding the issue.



Sending of manuscripts

All articles for the "Compendio de Ciencias Veterinarias" Journal should be directed to the Departamento de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica at the Facultad de Ciencias Veterinarias - Universidad Nacional de Asunción and/or digital version send to

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